Best Herb Grinder 2016

best-herb-grinder-2016Now that you are aware of the several benefits of using a weed grinder, it’s about time you look for one. You already know what type, material to be used and number of chambers that you are looking for. You can start looking online by this list of best herb grinder 2016. Here are some weed grinders that you should take into consideration:

Space Case

Space case is a weed grinder on weedgrindershop that is made out of aluminum that you can find in an aerospace machine so it’s really durable. Precise and high quality machinery is featured in order to grind your weed evenly and provide a nice burning. Space case can be quite costly but it’s worth the investment because this is one of the best herb grinders that is recently launched into the market.

Santa Cruz Shredder

This herb grinder is best-known because it is specifically design to grind herbs for patients who are in need of marijuana as their medicine. You do not need to worry about anything because this grinder is made out of metal that is anodized—meaning, you can expect that not a single tiny aluminum will break off and will be mixed into your weed.

Chromium Crusher

If you are in a tight budget, you should consider purchasing a Chromium Crusher. Although it’s not as good as expensive herb grinders, the quality is good as it offers nice cutting blades.

Cali Crusher

A solid finish grinder that is made out of aluminum but less expensive than the first two grinders. It comes with a kief scraper and chamber but the only downside is that this crusher becomes more harder and complex to use as time passed by.

Meldo Muncher

If you are still new to using weed grinder, then this model might be perfect for you but if you’re not, then you should avoid this at all cost. Aside from the fact that it is much less cheaper among the rest, you would encounter difficulty every time you screw and unscrew compartments which will steal more time.

SLX Herb Grinder

This grinder provides a smoother and more refined ground because of its high quality. It is round and very easy to use, together with up-to-date technologies used in manufacturing this kind of grinder. The design is impressive and the quality of the material used is awesome. A 55 razor sharp teeth is used in grinding your herbs into smooth, refined and tiny pieces.

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